Permanent Solution

from by Captives

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I wish that I could leave
More than what's in the drawer by the sink
So my apologies
For I will be leaving this life prematurely

Stacy I swear it isn't you, I swear it's me
My prides been pulsing steady through my veins
It's been pumping all this shame into my brain
Which I'll leave you so untastefully

When you wake at night
Pay no mind
To the absence of me at your side
(Just) fall asleep

I'll just wait
(You've been secreting)
Take my side
(Love and trust)
We can make
(While I've been rusting)
A new life
(You can't oil me back up)

Just stay strong
(This life I'm leading)
Stay with me
(Is not enough)
Something's wrong
(So I'll be leaving)
It's plain to see
Please don't do this to me

You know I'll always love you

I can't believe you'd leave me behind
I wish we could rewind to make our love mine
I guess that this means I'll forget our dreams
The thought of them now is so crippling

I'll empty out my lungs
I'll curse the things you lost
(Just hold my hand)
All of them weren't enough
(I'll just pretend)
I need you to hold me and tell me it's okay
(This isn't the end)
Your absence has become my crutch

(Maybe I'm just fine)
You made this choice for us
The way you left was so unjust
Your hurt was not enough
Horrid lead that spilled our love

Maybe I'm just fine.


from Discography, released December 4, 2014



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Captives Eagle Mountain, Utah

Captives 2011 - 2014

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