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So we bowed our heads and we took the bread. Misguided souls soon to be fed. I lay awake every night in my bed. Please god help me all I need is rest. Yeah I promise I'm trying my very best.

Even though I'm young I still feel old. Like a book that's written, a story told. I am responsible for your pain, yes I am the disappointing summer rain. Yes I am the crossing train, yes I am the one you need to entertain.

So we took the time and we took it back. All deaf from hearing my voice crack. We shouted out to the heaven above, " Have I lost your love".

Then I saw your face above the clouds. My yearning heart began to pound. My fist firmed tightly with rage, and there was no peace for seven whole days.

I still taste you on my tongue. I miss chasing love while I was young. I miss standing in my place, and now I fall from your grace.


from Discography, released December 4, 2014



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Captives Eagle Mountain, Utah

Captives 2011 - 2014

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